Construction Photos

The main courtroom in the Old Courthouse with the plaster walls removed and the new ceiling installed.

Cool old stuff found in the Old Courthouse! The first two images are from the ceiling in the old Northwest Area Arts Council Gallery and the last two images are from a wall in the gallery.

The carved lintel has been installed on the back of the new connector building.

Our very first elevator has been installed!

Wow! Here’s some images of the demolition taking place as the floor is being leveled in the Public House of Woodstock space.

The elevator shaft is a welcome sight for the many artists that had to haul their works and supplies up the front stairs for years!

The original wood has been hiding under the yellow/gold paint!

A few new features have been exposed!

The concrete floor in the Sheriff’s House basement is being removed and lowered about a foot in order to accommodate the brewery moving in!

Drone screenshot of the removal of the chimney to allow for the new lobby and elevator. Don’t worry – bricks are being saved to be reused elsewhere in the building.

One of the many surprises discovered during the demolition stage – a debris filled room that was dug back out and will be a storage room for the Public House!

Here’s the view when you take the curved stairs to the 2nd floor.

Here’s a view from Pamela Sage Photography of the main courtroom on the 2nd floor with the scaffolding holding up the ceiling and the judge’s bench in the background highlighted by a light blue rectangle. The next image from the construction crew shows the raised floor that held the judge’s bench being removed. The bench will be saved and reinstalled in the renovated building.

Here’s a view from the dome of the Old Courthouse by Pamela Sage Photography and a picture of the dome for reference. Not many people have had the opportunity to look out from behind the “crown” of the dome.

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of these decorative rosettes were on the ceiling of the 2nd floor courtroom? They acted as early air conditioners! Since heat rises, these were opened from above and sucked the hot air into the attic while cooling the ambient temperature at floor level by about 10 degrees. Thanks to Pamela Sage Photography for both the ceiling and attic images.

Here’s a look at the 2nd floor jail cell area of the Sheriff’s House. First is the “before” picture by Pamela Sage Photography, who took a few months of her time to document the building as of late 2021 and early 2022 – thank you!! The second picture is from the construction company showing the demolition crew hard at work. Please note that some of the cells will be reinstalled in this room to preserve history and some are making their way to a museum. The last picture is after the demo with the window gone and a couple new door openings in place.

More of the courtroom ceiling has been exposed!

Another exterior change in progress – the chimney is being removed in advance of the new elevator and foyer area. The building will finally be handicapped accessible!

The awkward addition has been removed and the original wing is now exposed!

Our newest discovery in August 2018!   The Courtroom ceiling has revealed some fantastic stenciled designs.

Scaffolding has been erected on the back of the Old Courthouse.


The masonry is currently undergoing renovations and this project will continue for several more years.


The next phase of tuck pointing is the west wall of the old courthouse.

The bottom portion of the front steps have already been replaced but the top portion under the arch entrance will be addressed in the near future. The wood stairs under the carpet are in poor shape and need replacing.  The limestone around the front entrance will also be repaired.

Courthouse staircase before (2)

Future interior repairs will include ceilings in the main level.


The interior main staircase.

The upstairs courtroom features the judge’s bench and the rosette air conditioners.