Completed Construction Projects

The Old Courthouse dome had significant rot (estimates suggested it would have collapsed within the year) and was no longer structurally sound. The structure of the dome and supporting roof was repaired. The dome itself and roof were re-clad in copper to ensure durability and low maintenance.

Before  Construction Pictures

During Construction Pictures

After Construction Pictures


The entire Sheriff’s House roof was replaced, along with the windows and front door, and the dark cornices have been stripped and repainted.

Before Picture


After Picture

The front stairs to the Old Courthouse and Sheriff’s House were replaced.

Before Pictures of Lower Staircase

After Pictures of Lower Staircase

Before Pictures of upper staircase

After Pictures of upper staircase.


The masonry work has been completed and the exterior looks fantastic!

Before Picture of Exterior Back of the Old Courthouse.


After Picture of Exterior Back of the Old Courthouse.

DSCN5988 (2)

And a window became a door on the Ground Level Side of the building!

DSCN5986 (2)