Reports and Studies

Gary Anderson Architects Report

When the City of Woodstock first acquired the Old Courthouse and Sheriff’s House they had a report prepared by Gary Anderson Architects from Rockford Illinois to assess the buildings’ condition and propose some ideas to stabilize the structures. This firm has significant experience rehabilitating historic brick structures. Click here to see the 2012 report: Gary Anderson Architects_Report

Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) Report

In 2015, the McHenry County Community Foundation funded a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) analysis, conducted on-site in Woodstock by real estate development, finance, and architectural design professionals. Chief among the suggestions in the TAP report was the need to establish a strong working Advisory Commission, which was appointed by Mayor Sager in early 2016 and meets the third Monday of each moth at City Hall at 7 pm. If you are interested in attending a Commission meeting please stop by. If you are interested in joining the commission, please contact Woodstock City Hall. The final TAP Report provides recommendations on how to proceed to effect maximum restoration and reuse of the buildings.  Click here to see the TAP report: TAP_Report

Artspace Report

A second study, again funded by McHenry County Community Foundation, was conducted in spring of 2016 in response to interest from Woodstock’s arts community.  The report by Artspace, nationally-renown developers of affordable space for artists, made several recommendations, building upon the TAP Report’s findings.  The study suggested the restaurant space on the lower level offered an attractive community benefit, and the Arts Center gallery and shop were also appropriate, although that programming and hours could hopefully be expanded.  The report further suggested some type of possible museum space in the Sheriff’s House part of the complex, and, investigation into the concept of establishing a co-working center on the 2nd floor of the Old Courthouse.  This concept would encourage entrepreneurs and small business incubator activities and would still allow public access and leasing of the original Courtroom space for community events.  The study offered strong support for the City of Woodstock to retain ownership of the facility, to ensure appropriate restoration and ongoing historic preservation of these important buildings, while also suggesting consideration of non-profit management of programming at this site.  These suggestions were reviewed, discussed, and ownership and general uses subsequently approved by both the Old Courthouse and Sheriff’s House Advisory Commission and by Woodstock City Council.  Research into a range of programming and funding options remains underway as the buildings’ extensive restoration process continues. Click here to see the Artspace report: Artspace_Report

NIU Co-Working Study

in 2018 The City of Woodstock retained Northern Illinois University’s Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) to help identify reuse options for the buildings. This report summarizes the first phase of research to determine uses that are supported by market demand, have the potential to generate meaningful revenue, and meet the goals of the City to keep the buildings publicly accessible and a vital part of the Square. These preliminary recommendations indicate a direction worth further investigation. Additional research is necessary to quantify demand for the proposed uses and the revenue that could be generated. The later phases of this study would include this additional research and provide the City with the refined project description and estimates of project performance necessary for planning and budgeting. Click here to see the Northern Illinois University co-working study: NIU_Co-Working Study